It was during those times that there was a feud between Dhangbooo…and Dingbooooo…

Dangbooo chased Dingpooo and while he was chasing him, a thorn caught in his leg. Dangbooo went to a merchant to ask for a needle to take out the thorn from his leg but the merchant refused him one. Dangbooo got very angry and asked a rat to pierce a hole in the merchant’s bag and get him the needle but the rat also refused him. He got angrier.

Dangbooo went to a cat to ask him to eat the rat. When the cat also refused, he turned to a dog and asked him to eat the cat. The dog also refused his request. Then he went to a bull that was grazing in the meadow and asked him to butt the dog. The bull was in no mood to listen to him too.

This swelled Dangbooo’s anger even further. He went to a tiger and requested that he eat the bull. The tiger who was hungry at that time thought it was a good idea. As the tiger chased bull, the bull got very angry and chased the dog in return. In fear of being caught by the bull, the dog chased the cat who in return chased the rat. The rat tore a hole in the merchant’s bag and stole the needle for Dangbooo. The Dangbooo got the thorn taken out of his leg and started chasing Dingbooo again, merely, carrying on from the time he had last stopped.

..During this time a rooster and a cat were sent here to earth from heaven to assist the humans. While the rooster was to wake up the people in time for work, the cat was to help them be free of the mice who ate the grains.

Because they were ordered, the rooster and the cat agreed, but they asked the God how and when they could return to heaven. The lord Indra said to the rooster, “When you crow in the morning, listen out for my voice. If you hear me, then it is time for you to come back, and I will send someone to bring you here.” The rooster agreed.

Lord Indra then turned to the cat and said”when your stool smells of incense, then it is time for you to come back here. I will send someone to get you.”

For generations, the rooster crowed and helped the people wake up for work. Every new day he listened out for the call of Lord Indra as he crowed.

Today, when you listen to the rooster crow, you will hear,”COO COO REE COOO” then another “COO” which comes after sometime, as he bend his head Low sadly.

The cat who was told to smell his stool and watch out for the scent of incense, even today hides it in the fireplace and smells it, but when he doesn’t smell the incense, he just kicks over everything and goes away in frustration.

So the story of the frustration and anger of the cat and the rooster continues until this time. It will continue to happen like this just as Dangbooo chases Dingbooo over an infinite measure of time.