The monastery has been in place since early 1920s preserving and propagating the lord Buddha’s teaching. Despite the isolation of monastery from modern means of living and road networks, people live in peace and harmony with dharma in every man’s heart.

Initially late Chene Lhundrup Rinpoche the father of the founder of the monastery has started and blessed the sites with small retreat house in place. Though Rinpoche couldn’t upgrade from small retreat house, it was then in Mysore while the founder of the monastery Cheni Lhendup Rimpoche was attending the teaching from his root teacher His Holiness Polo Khen Rinpoche.

There in Mysore His Holiness Polo Khen Rinpoche directed and prophesized Cheni Lhendup that there is a special elephant sleeping shaped mountain surrounded by male on right and female dragon shaped mountains  on left. Building monastery in the center would benefit all sentient beings and create enormous pleasant situation for dharma preservation in future.

In 1960s, H. H Khechen Dazar Rinpoche from Tibet visited the place and blessed it. Later in his visit there were so many unbelievable signals like rainbow rising on the hill of Monastery. He then said that it was the blessing and secret place of Bayu Lama Shakaya Ozer who had the rainbow body and other yogis during the 18th century.  Later many great masters like late H.E Gyshe Pema Thinley, Thukse Rinpoche and others great teacher had been here to have retreat. H.H Polo Khen Rimpoche and H.H Khenpo Dazar Rimpoche had predicted the place for the quality to accomplish the retreat and to preserve the Buddha Dharma.

With the great intent of Lord Buddha and all great masters, Chene Lhendup Rimpoche realized the importance of the presence of monastery and the order of Sangha to preserve and propagate the holy dharma to benefits the beings around.

Consequently with great perseverance and with the support from his followers and people from those nine villages, he started the work in 1970 and progressively came up with small temple.

Later in 90s Cheni Lhendup Rimpoche offered the monastery to His Holiness Gangtey Tulku (lineage holder of Pema Lingpa in Bhutan). It was then from that moment immense development and changes took place. Besides tending to everyday running of the monastery he has been the central supporter for coming up of new temple. Today H.H Gangtey Trulku is supper adviser for all Pema Lingpa tradition in Bhutan.

Today Orgyen Chholing Monastery has one old and a new temple supporting 36 monks with one Khenpo and two teachers. The great terton Pema Lingpa, (hidden treasure revealer from Bhutan) tradition has been the main root practices since beginning. The monastery also practices Longchen Nyingthicg of Longchenpa tradition. These two are the main practice in the Kheng region in the central Bhutan.


The monastery is strategically located in a heart of two villages and benefiting almost 1500 households. Since the Buddha’s time, the sangha of ordained nuns and monks have traditionally been the ones to preserve the teachings for the future generations.

Today Orgyen Chholing Monastery has one old and a recently built temple housing 36 monks. Though the monastery holds good number of students studying, the monastery has been under threat of living accommodation and basic amenities like classroom, toilet and catering facilities, proper clothing and food, retreat centre, and room for the teachers.

Quite simple, the present scenario and situation do not accommodate all and provide a pleasant situation for Dharma propagation and preservation. Therefore your generosity seeks the ground.