Dzambhala grants wealth and prosperity accomplishing all virtuous and relieve sentient beings from poverty both on a psychological and material level. Dzambhala helps those practitioners gain a stable live and frees from all worries while practice. Dzambhala grants blessings to those who vows to support sangha and monasteries. The practices of the Dzambhala wealth vase, Torma offering, water offering, and recitation of the Dzambhala mantra will take you out of poverty life. When done with single-pointed concentration and faith, this ritual easily increases one's financial prosperity.

Guru Dzambhala or Lama Orgyen Norlha Dzambhala Puja

In order to benefit sentient beings, Guru Rinpoche manifested into different forms to liberate them from samaras. One of the manifestations is Lama Orgyen Norlha, the Guru of all Dzambhalas. Guru Rinpoche, the first Vajrayana Buddhism founder in Bhutan and Tibet, manifested into a single form which is the present practice of generosity as indicated by the mongoose on the left hand of spitting out the jewels, in his right hand the supreme wish-granting jewels and under his left arm a victory banner held spending aloft.

Guru Dzambhala or Lama Orgyen Norlha blessings increase the energy of prosperity. It removes the sufferings of poverty. It relieves one's mind and allows practitioners to practice dharma without worries. The practice was revealed by H.H Dojum Rinpoche. Chene Lhundrup Rimpoche had received these teachings from H.H and H.H Polo Khen Rinpoche and Geshe Pema Thinley. Furthermore Khenpo Rigzin Wangchuk received these teachings from H.H Dungsi Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Lama Longdrel, Garab Rinpoche, and other masters.

Origin of Guru Dzambhala or Lama Orgyen Norlha

During one winter time, when Guru Rinpoche traveled and visited Tibet, the entire people were suffering from poverty. Thrisong Detsen, the King of Tibet, out of compassion requested Guru Rinpoche to do something that could help his people. Guru Rinpoche miraculously, manifested himself into Lama Orgyen Norlha and did Ugyen Norlha’s puja and blessed the whole land. Thereafter the region has never experienced poverty life; People enjoyed and had better living. Before Guru Rinpoche left Tibet, he had hidden the Lama Orgeyn Khandro Norlha Yabyum the union one and Lama Orgyen Norlha's practice text (scripts) in a secret place directing Dakinis and Protector to safeguard it, until Terton (Treasure Revealer) Jigmed Lingpa and Dojum Lingpa, Dojum Rinpoche discovered it and passed it onto their disciples. It said Tibet still has lots of natural gold recourse because of hidden Guru Dzambhala or Lama Orgyen Norlha treasure in the secret places of Tibet.