Chimey Lhundrup RinpocheChimey Lhundrup Rinpoche was a prodigy who became highly accomplished through a series of meditation retreats. He spent almost five years in Nyimlong Monastery, studying the great treasure revealer Pema Lingpa’s teachings. Sometime later Rinpoche visited Lhodrak Karchung in Tibet, where he met with the noble Kilkhor Rinpoche. Under his guidance he was engaged in the practice of Dzogchen in retreat. Gradually he became a close, trustworthy disciple of Kilkhor Rinpoche and received many religious texts as gift after completion of retreat. Rinpoche received the preliminary practices of the Longchen Nyingtik, (Great Expense Heart Essence) and empowerment and transmission of Lama, Yidam and Khandro later from his two root teachers HH Polo Khen Rinpoche and HE Geshe Pema Thinley.

Rinpoche has recited more than seventeen million Guru Rinpoche and Sangtongma mantras (Lion Head Dakini) that help him heal sickness in Bhutan and other countries. Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche owns a sacred phurba (dagger) that has passed onto from generations. This dagger possesses the power to heal illness.

Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche received kama and terma teachings, including all the four vajrayana traditions from HH Dudjom Rinpoche and Dilgo Khyentshe Rinpoche and 16th Karmapa. Rinpoche is recognized as reincarnation of Drupthob Chene Dorji, who was one of the reincarnations of twenty five disciples of Guru Rinpoche by HH Polo Khen Rinpoche and had been in solitary retreat for more than six years. Rinpoche is the founder of Orgyen Choling Monastery and Kunzang Shedrup Choling retreat centre in Bhutan.

Polo Khen Rinpoche's root teacher

Khenpo Ngawang Palzang or Khenpo Ngakchung (1879-1941) was one of the most important and influential Dzogchen masters during 19th century. He is regarded as an emanation of Vimalamitra, who foretold that he would appear once every hundred years.

He was born on the tenth day of the tenth month of the Earth Hare year (1879). His father was Namgyal of the Nyoshul clan, and his mother was Pema Tso. At the age of seven he learned to read and write from his uncle. At eight, he began receiving empowerments and teachings. His principal teacher was Nyoshul Lungtok, and his other teachers included Atop Rinpoche, Tertön Ngawang Tendzin, Tertön Sogyal, Khenpo Shenga, Katok Situ Chökyi Gyatso, Khenpo Kunpal, and the Fifth Dzogchen Rinpoche.

He took novice ordination in 1893 and full ordination in 1898. He remained with Nyoshul Lungtok until 1900 when he went to Dzogchen Monastery in order to study at the shedra. This was the time that Mipham Rinpoche was in residence.

A Guide to the Words of My Perfect Teacher (Tib. Kunzang Lama’i Shyalung Zindri or Zindri for short) is a priceless treasure of explanation, clarification and practical advice from the heart of the great oral lineage of Dzogchen. It was handed down by Patrul Rinpoche to his disciple Nyoshul Lungtok Tenpé Nyima, who then passed it on to Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, who wrote down this oral instruction.

His main five heart sons ('the five great pillars') were

  • Second Drubwang Pema Norbu
  • Choktrul Gyurme Dorje
  • Arik Rinpoche
  • Shedrup Tenpé Nyima (the reincarnation of his principal master)
  • Polo Khenpo Thubten Kunga Gyaltsen (Polo Khen Rinpoche)

Some of his other main students are Chatral Sangye Dorje, Khenpo Munsel and Tekchok Tenpé Gyaltsen His speech incarnation, recognized by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö,tulku Nima Gyeltshen.

His Holiness Polo Khen Rinpoche, Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche's first root teacher

Polo KhenpoPolo Khenpo Dorje or Thupten Kunga Gyaltsen (c. 1896-1970), one of the principal disciples of Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, was regarded as one of the most accomplished Dzogchen masters of recent times. He is sometimes called Bomta Khenpo because of his benefactors, the Bomta Tsang, who was one of the wealthiest families in Tibet.

He was born in the Polo valley of Derge region. His father was called Lhagyal. He entered Polo Monastery, where he learned to read and write, and studied with Gönchen Shar Lama Jamyang Khyenrap, a personal student of Mipham Rinpoche. He also studied with teachers at Palyul, Dzongsar, and other monasteries, and after a while he became the abbot of Polo Monastery.

He received empowerments and transmissions from 3rd Drubwang Pema Norbu and from Jamyang Khyentsé Chökyi Lodrö, and especially from his main teacher, Khenpo Ngawang Palzang (Khenpo Nagchung).

He went to Central Tibet and meditated in the major power places of the central and southern provinces of Ü, Tsang, Dakpo, and Kongpo, especially in Samyé Chimpu and Kharchu in Lhodrak. He met the great scholar Vimalamitra in the guise of an Indian sadhu, who used a symbolic gesture to introduce him directly to the nature of his mind.

After the Chinese invasion, he went to India with his heart students Geshe Pema Thinley and Chene Lhundrup Rinpoche, where he gave teachings. He went on pilgrimage to the major holy sites in Bhutan with the help of his two heart students. At Bumthang he had a vision of Longchenpa. He taught throughout Bhutan, and at the invitation of the queen grandmother of Bhutan, Puntsok Chödrön, he stayed at the mountain hermitage of Dechen Chöling.

At the age of seventy-four, on the 18th day of the ninth month of the Iron Dog year (1970), he passed away, sitting upright in the posture of mind in comfort and ease.

Among Polu Khenpo's most important disciples were Geshe Pema Thinley, Cehe Lhundrup Rinpoche, Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, Khenpo Kunga Lekpa, Dr. Trogawa. Polo Khen Rinpoche was Chene Lhundup Rinpoche's root teacher who had directly pointed out the Buddha nature to him. Many masters had predicted Polo Khen Rinpoche was the second Garab Dorji (the founder of great perfection) who is the founder of Dzongchen teaching, the most profound instruction.

Geshe Pema Thinley (1897-1970), Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche's second root teacher

Geshe Pema ThinleyDuring 1940s Geshe Pema Thinley was one of the most learned masters at Tharpaling Monastery, founded by Longchenpa in 14th Century. After he became the most important figure there he was sent to Kurtoe Gangchup Chholing Monastery by late Queen Mother Ashi Phuntsho Chhoden. His contributions to the monastery were selfless.

Later after retiring from the monastery he spent most of time in retreat and studies in Kheng region. From there HE Geshe Pema Thinley became a great yogi. His greediness in learning more teachings from great teachers has turned true when in his dream a dakini told him to leave Tibet for good cause. It was during the time of Tibet‘s political downturn, where Chinese were invading Tibet. As prophesized by dakini he left Tibet immediately.

Upon his arrival in Tibet he met H.H Polo Khen Rinpoche. In the beginning he couldn’t believe to have faith and devotion in him rather he fired debates for almost three months. But later with time Geshe couldn’t hold on with his ego, he began to believe the teachings from HH Polo Khen Rinpoche was of immense gift to him. However with no hindrance he received all four major lineage teachings and other good practices of Polo Rinpoche.

HH Polo Khen Rinpoche sent Geshe Pema Thinley back to his place with a promise of visiting Bhutan in future

It was there in Mysore, India while H.H Polo Khen Rinpoche was to preach Words of my Perfect Teacher to HH Penor Rinpoche. The faith has never waived out for Geshe, Geshe Pema Thinley and Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche reached there in right time. More over Geshe because of his intellect in the subject he became the sole Reviser of HH Polo Khen Rinpoche’s teaching. Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche with his second root teacher Geshe Pema Thinley became so close and considered HH Polo Khen Rinpoche as his root teacher, and they are the one who invited His Holiness first time to Bhutan.

Once in Zhemgang, Bhutan, while HH Polo Khen Rinpoche was drunk in reality, Geshe Pema Thinley out of his true faith and believe he collected the falling alcohol saliva in a cup and was in position to drink, His Holiness stopped him saying Wait come down, you need not do this, rather His Holiness asked him to feed on his sneezes. Again Geshe did not turn back; rather he took all the filled cup sneezes in one sip. Time from there, HH Polo Khen Rinpoche believed in true followers, and transmitted all wisdom that was possible to Geshe.

Geshe Pema Thinley while in Bhutan prayed and made a wish to His Holiness to lead the way to enlightenment together. After having received all wisdom and teachings, Geshe Pema Thinley had seen HH Polo Khen Rinpoche as a real enlightened Buddha. Geshe Pema Thinley then transmitted all His Holiness’ wisdom and told Chimey Lhundrup Rinpoche to have full pledged faith in HH before his death. Every connection between His Holiness and Geshe was too strong that His Holiness and Geshe passed away in the same year.

So he attained almost same level that of His Holiness, so paying homage to His Holiness and his followers will be same as to His Holiness.