This amulet or sungma when worn is very helpful in the prevention of problems, obstacles or hindrances. It will energise good lucks and positive merit field. It also helps to reduce the effects of any provocation by any local spirits and the eight classes of negatives. Rigzin Jatshen Nyingpo, who was the great treasure revealer in Tibet, proclaimed its effectiveness in avoidance of provocations and helps to bring good fortune to the wearers. In Vajrayana Buddhism, it is highly recommended to carry it with us or wear around the neck regularly as it helps to prevent the sudden obstacles or extreme bad karmas. Rigzin Jatshen Nyingpo himself said whoever wears this amulet or even has vision of mantras within the amulet for a few second that could help to overcome the bad spirits and so forth. Inside the amulet are mantras, grains, blessed powders and other specially sealed items and personally blessed by His Holiness Penor Norbu Rinpoche. (Head of Nyingma Sect in Tibetan Buddhism)